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At Maedgen’s Lawn Care, LC we offer a complete array of services to obtain the curb appeal that makes a good first impression.

We offer fast response times, and fully stocked trucks to ensure your lawn care needs are met efficiently, and done professionally. Our customers are repeat business for a reason.


landscape care and maintenance

A man’s word is his bond. Every contact between Maedgen's Lawn Care, LC and a customer is a promise to deliver the job the client expects and deserves. Every interaction between Maedgen’s family of employees is a promise to support one another in the quest to achieve excellence. Every day provides opportunities to prove the promise that we are who we say we are: the most dependable, problem solving, dedicated professional landscaping company in the area. Season after season and year after year.

lawn maintenance

The cornerstone of our services. Having Maedgen's Lawn Care, LC maintain your lawn gives you more than just a well mowed lawn, it gives you a lawn that is ideally maintained with no effort from you. We only have one level of service when it comes to maintenance; the best.


It's More Than Work - It's Our Culture

We are committed to taking the time that is needed to get involved with our clients and to provide them with personalized care. Our company also takes the necessary time to ensure that each customer gets the results they deserve on their lawn. Personal care to each of our clients and their lawns is our highest priority. We want to provide each customer with the highest quality of horticulture services available.

What makes us different

  • Everything we do is rooted in customer service.
  • We do the right thing. We don’t cut corners.
  • Our training never ends. The more we know, the more we grow.
  • We make good on our promises, rain or shine

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